Aerotools BV believes in the dutch proverb "goed gereedschap is het halve werk".
Which translates into "good tools are half the job" 
The other half is determined by proper use. We would like to challenge you to get started with the Aerorasor and experience that good tools are more than half the work. It is a fantastic creative experience that provides a high level of hair styling and greater customer satisfaction.

A satisfied customer comes back and wants more and passes on the word. Word of mouth brings new customers and more services for the AEROSTYLING SALON.

Aerorasor Design Team

The Aerorasor Design Team consists of internationally talented hairstylists. Each member brings his or her unique talents, skills and input for the creative and innovative ideas to AEROSTYLING. These artists get together several times a year to develop new cutting and styling techniques and trend lines.


Bert Dusschoten, founder of Aerotools BV, had an ideal: he wanted to offer the hairstyling world a new tool. After a long period of development and testing the Aerorasor saw the light in 2008.

The Aerorasor was introduced during Hairstyle 2009 in Kortrijk and immediately won the Innovation Award.

Since the introduction the Aerorasor has won more and more ground. A major breakthrough was the launch in America at the Cosmoprof in Orlando in 2013. Unfortunately Bert Dusschoten could not live to see this; he died in August 2012.

We proudly continue his legacy by bringing Aerorasor into this all over the world, offering hairstylist an innovative tool and a creative challenge.