Art Style Technique

As a hairdresser, every day you find yourself with the same creative challence as a portrait painter. In fact, you are creating a live portrait on your customer. Creating a haircut that enhances the personality of your customer means knowing your customer and being proficient as a hairdresser.

Each customer has their own style and you, as the expert, have the talent, the products, the techniques and the tools to enhance their style.


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Aerorasor is a revolutionary cutting tool.
Like a brush of an artist, designed to open up creative possibilities and deliver unparalleled ergonomics.



Aerotools, manufactor of the Aerorasor, believes in the dutch proverb "goed gereedschap is het halve werk". Which translates into "good tools are half the job".
We would like to challenge you to get started with the Aerorasor and experience that good tools are more than half the work. It is a fantastic creative experience that provides a high level of hair styling and great customer satisfaction.